Otuli SPA

SPA is open from 12:00 - 20:00

Relax in the embrace of nature

At Otuli SPA we will take care of your peace of mind and body regeneration surrounded by beautiful natural circumstances, right on the shore of the lake.

Taking care of the natural world makes us a part of it and allows us to rediscover ourselves. The ubiquitous nature fascinates, induces a state of deep relaxation, properly regulates emotions. The proposed treatments draw on the riches of the region, the surrounding forests and naturalness.

All massages and treatments are based on natural FITO SPA cosmetics - ecological and without artificial dyes. We want to take maximum advantage of the surrounding nature, which is why we have chosen Polish cosmetics produced with respect for the environment. FITO SPA products are dedicated to those who care about living in harmony with nature.

Meet Otuli SPA

Otuli SPA is a place where the power of Masurian nature meets the philosophy of slow. Enter a place where the scents of nature's fruits intertwine with solace. Wash away your worries by wrapping yourself in Masurian energy.

In our SPA you will find: relaxing massages, peelings, natural active substances and our holistic beauty rituals.

Beauty rituals

  • UKOI (sea buckthorn & carrot) - salt peeling, Shea butter massage (sea buckthorn & carrot)
  • BEAUTIFUL (walnut) - peeling, aromatherapy with hot compresses, face, neck and nape massage with hair oiling
  • UMILI (hemp) - full body massage, aromatherapy with hot compresses, face, neck, nape and head massage
  • UKOCHA (marula & apple tree) - sugar peeling, Shea butter massage (marula & apple tree)

Body massages

  • OTULI SPECIAL - a holistic beauty ritual, including a full body massage combined with aromatherapy and warm compresses
  • CLASSIC MASSAGE - relaxing muscle tension, relieving pain, stimulating blood and lymph circulation
  • BACK, NECK, NECK AND HEAD MASSAGE - releasing tension from the whole body, with anti-stress effect
  • FOOT MASSAGE - a relaxing massage that brings relief to tired and sore feet and reduces swelling
  • MASSAGE WITH HERBAL STAMPS - with a strongly relaxing effect, supporting the reduction of cellulite and detoxification of the body

Kobido massages

  • RELAXING KOBIDO MASSAGE - with a lifting and rejuvenating effect
  • THERAPEUTIC KOBIDO MASSAGE COMBINED WITH TRANSBUCK MASSAGE - relieving tension, eliminating lockjaw and reducing tension and stress symptoms
  • BEAUTY KOBIDO MASSAGE WITH AESTHETIC FACE KINESIOTAPING - enhancing the effects of the classic kobido massage, smoothing wrinkles

Self-care is the basis!

Nature is the best escape from reality and a cure for everyday problems, and it is available to everyone around the clock. With you in mind, we have created a place that will allow you to forget about your worries and focus on yourself and what your soul needs.

Here you will relax surrounded by nature and experience peace and regeneration to the accompaniment of singing birds and rustling trees. Wrap yourself with care for yourself in OTULI SPA.

Relax in the sauna and hot tub

Sauna and hot tub sessions are the perfect way to relax and unwind. Hot air will help you cleanse your body and improve blood circulation.

After your sauna session, you can relax and loosen your muscles in the hot tub.

And all this with a view of the lake!

Romantic stay for two in Masuria

01.09 - 31.10

Pine-scented relaxation - SPA package for ladies

01.09 - 31.10

Forest dream - SPA package for Two

01.09 - 31.10

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