Attractions for everyone in the price of stay

Ruciane Park is surrounded by a beautiful forest with access to Lake Guzianka Wielka. It is an ideal place to enjoy the natural goods located in the Masurian Landscape Park.

In Ruciane Park, we will take care of your comfort so that you can find time for yourself during your holiday. We lead our animations in the spirit of returning to childhood without electronics, and we enrich them with sensory and plastic classes in the eco trend. You, dear parent at this time you can enjoy: yoga classes, bikes, beach leisure or other activities we have prepared for you or just have a hot coffee alone on the terrace of your cottage overlooking the lake .

As part of your stay we provide:

  • All day animations for children - sample animation plan
  • SUP Safari,
  • yoga, SUP yoga,
  • evenings with live music,
  • outdoor cinema cycling,
  • tours,
  • kayaking trips and more.

Attractions additionally paid:
  • bicycles
  • sauna and balia
  • workshops wine tasting and whiskey testing
  • motorboating courses 29.04-3.05 and other dates

Yoga Sessions

We will stimulate the body to regenerate after an actively spent day and calm the thoughts

Sauna and balia

The combination of hot steam and water will make your muscles relax and your mind calm

Sports and recreation

Excursions on SUP boards, bike rental

Animation Programs

Creative activities thanks to which your children will not have time to be bored

Outdoor Cinema

Movie evenings

Nature and nature

Hiking, Nordic walking or cycling trips


with Beach Bar, sun loungers and other attractions


And mushroom picking

Motorboats and boats

Motorboating sports

Wine tasting

and Whisky testing


with slides and tyrolls


perfect place for water fun

Attractions of the area

Mazury is a unique region of Poland that will accommodate you with extraordinary nature and attractions!

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