Attractions for everyone in the price of stay

Animations are great for everyone! In Ruciane Park we will take care of your child so that you can find time for yourself.

We have a host of friendly and professional animators on board who will make every effort to ensure that your children have the best time in the world and develop creatively at the same time.

Animations are conducted in the spirit of returning to childhood without electronics and are enriched with sensory and art activities in the eco trend. The youngest will be delighted, you'll see!

And you, dear parent, during this time will be able to use: yoga classes, bicycles, rest on the beach or other attractions we have prepared for you. Alternatively, drink coffee or other Food Port specialties with a beautiful view of the lake ... just like that! 🙂

Water equipment

Our resort is located on the beautiful Guzianka Wielka lake, which is on the Great Masurian Lakes Trail. From here you can easily get to Lake Nidzkie or Bełdany.

You will also find a water equipment rental with us, including:

  • SUP boards (we periodically organize SUP safaris, during which we cross the surrounding lakes - it's the perfect way to spend time and relax. We promise!),
  • kayaks,
  • pedal boats,
  • motorboats without a license,
  • sailing boats,
  • SUP jet.


Masuria is a unique nature and characteristic terrain. All these are the components of a successful and active holiday.

In our resort, you can rent bikes that you can use to cycle through the following loops:

  • Wojnowska,
  • Beldany,
  • Śniardwy,
  • Broad Forest,
  • Nidzka.

Yoga and massages

Take care of yourself and your well-being. Wrap yourself in nature and relax among the rustle of trees. We meet your expectations, which is why you will find yoga sessions with qualified yogis in our offer.

Girls will take you on a journey to get to know yourself.

We also offer a face lifting and relaxing massage, relieving tension, eliminating the effects of stress and the passage of time.

Make an appointment! We accept bookings 7 days a week.


A must-visit attraction for people visiting Masuria are certainly canoeing trips on the Krutynia River.

Depending on the length of the route, you can choose the places from which you will start your nature trip (Spychowo, Zgon, Krutyń, Nowy Most, Ukta).

Horse Riding

We also have suggestions for horse riding enthusiasts! In the close vicinity you will find several stables where you will be able to ride in the square or go to the horse riding area, straight to the Piska Forest.

You will find us nearby:

  • Agrotourist Ecological Farm Majdan - here there is a free-range breeding of Polish Koniks,
  • Ferenstein Horse Stud,
  • Eulalia Foundation in Babięty - where you can go to the equestrian area along the shore of Lake Zyzdrój Wielki.

Other attractions

  • Cruises on Mazury Shipping or Faryja ships,
  • Butterfly House and Botanical Garden in Marcinków,
  • Polish Academy of Sciences in Popielno,
  • Galindia called Masurian Eden,
  • Monument of trees in love in Krutynia.

Visit us and see how beautiful Masuria is. Here you will experience beauty and delightful moments in really charming circumstances 😊

Attractions of the area

Mazury is a unique region of Poland that will accommodate you with extraordinary nature and attractions!

The Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship is a region of outstanding tourist and recreational values. It is also called the Land of the Great Lakes. It is not without reason that it is considered the most beautiful area in Poland. It is famous not only for its lakes, but also a huge forest area.

Yoga Sessions

We will stimulate the body to regenerate after an actively spent day and calm the thoughts

Sauna and balia

The combination of hot steam and water will make your muscles relax and your mind calm

Sports and recreation

Excursions on SUP boards, bike rental

Animation Programs

Creative activities thanks to which your children will not have time to be bored

Outdoor Cinema

Movie evenings

Nature and nature

Hiking, Nordic walking or cycling trips


with Beach Bar, sun loungers and other attractions


And mushroom picking

Motorboats and boats

Motorboating sports

Wine tasting

and Whisky testing


with slides and tyrolls


perfect place for water fun

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